Monday, March 21, 2011



Dalam dunia nih... secara technical and literally nyer, yg menjadi hak milik mutlak aku *tu pon gune duit org len* adalah :-


1. Laptop
2. phones
3. my collections
4. MP3
5. Hardisk

1. Families
2. Abg
3. Best Friends + My Sygs

but the ONE thats own me, HIM...ALLAH S.W.T

di sini, ingin saya tekankan bhawa...I am nothing but a bunch of people like YOU that have exactly less that what YOU have in, i am asking YOU...nope... i am BEGGING YOU~ not to bother of me in case of jealousy coz i'm tired of being treated like i'm kind sort of a biatch... i didn't do anything wrong... especially to you..that i can ensure coz i NEVER EVER bother how is your life begins of even ended dude~ So please spear me...OK?  

I'm saying this in universal coz most of them don't even realize that they are messing with my life... huhu
GOD BLESS YOU people... huhuhu

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